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SUTO S120 rest oil sensor

The SUTO residual oil sensor S120 measures the amount of residual oil in compressed air and other gases. Monitoring can be done on a permanent basis, but also on a random basis (as a mobile unit) in combination with the SUTO S550-P data logger. Easy installation and high-quality measuring performance make the SUTO S120 the perfect choice when residual oil measurement is required, for example when monitoring residual oil content in breathing air. Producing oil-free compressed air is not easy. In many industries and production processes, residual oil monitoring is a prerequisite for minimizing product contamination and health risks. The S120 residual oil sensor makes it possible to monitor critical processes reliably at an acceptable price.

To measure accurately and stably, the sensor is automatically calibrated. Contamination of the sensor and the sensor life are permanently monitored and shown on the display if necessary. A safety valve protects the sensor against possible contamination by flushing air.

Characteristics SUTO S120:

  • Measure residual oil in compressed air and other gases
  • Suitable for permanent and / or mobile measurement
  • Measure to 0.001 mg / m3
  • Easy installation via hose connection and quick coupling
  • Output signals: - 4 ... 20 mA, RS-485 / Modbus / RTU, Relay switch (NO)
  • PID sensor for very high accuracy
  • LED notification for Service and Alarm
  • Easy to connect with SUTO displays and data loggers, but also third party displays and control systems





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