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Our latest newsletter

Volume 8, Issue 17, September 2015.

The new CS-iTEC catalogue 2015/2016 has been released

The new CS-iTEC catalogue has been released and is available as a PDF-document on our website. This catalogue provides a complete overview of all the products and their accessories from the CS-iTEC collection. All the new products that were proudly presented during the Hannover Show have received a prominent spot in this brochure. In here you will find our newest product; the flowmeter for measuring 'wet pressurized air', the residual oil sensor and the easy to use full color touch screen displays.


A short introduction into CS-iTEC

CS-iTEC has been developing innovative and high quality measuring equipment for pressurized air systems and gasses since 2005. As you might know, it is Ants Technology & Consulting that has been working together with CS-iTEC for many years. This resulted in the receiving the rights for import to the Benelux region.

One of the reasons for receiving the rights to import are the common core values. Both CS-iTEC and Ants put a high emphasis on quality, whilst at the same time never losing sight of customer focused thinking and decision making. Service to us means: close contact with the customer, listening carefully to requests and demands and translate those into efficient, easy-to-use solid products and service that provide an excellent price/quality ratio.

With our offices and production in Germany (Buggingen Baden Württemberg) and China (Shenzhen), subsidiaries in several countries, and a professional international partner network, it shows that CS-iTEC chooses to be close to her customers. This partnership of several years guarantees a professional and customer focused service.


S551 Pressurized air analysis logger

The ideal data logger for energy-analysis (according to ISO 50001 norms) and air checks (ISO 11011).

Easy to use
Connect the sensor and immediately begin to register the data. As no programming and/or configuring is required it guarantees the user-friendliness of the device. The intuitive color touchscreen on the S551 data logger takes the ease of use concept to the next level.

Easy to plug in sensors will give all the necessary measurements (pressurized air, air usage, energy usage, pressure, temperature etc.). Several loggers can be combined meaning that no long cables are needed from the sensor to the logger.

Power outage and/or outage has no effect on the functioning of the logger. The build in battery provides a backup power source.

The S551 works on site whilst the data-analysis will be performed in the office. The complete software package consists of CSM-S for standard analysis and CAA for pressurized air analysis.
The S551 comes with a high resolution 5'' color touchscreen. Connecting it to your network will be made easy this way. CS-iTEC intelligent sensors will be automatically recognized (wireless) when the unit is turned on. After configuration of the sensor the data logger is ready to use and can technically store an infinite amount of data.

Distance monitoring
The S551 can send measurements and status information via the internet to an external server. This means that data can be monitored from anywhere in the world.


AQMS pressurized air analysis

Recently we performed some measurements at several different locations and the results show that the current compressors do not match the pressurized air requirements. This means:

  • Price of acquisition is too high
  • Unnecessary (extra) maintenance costs
  • The compressor is 'misused' and could break as a result
  • Negative impact on the energy bill leading to unnecessary high costs

Even compressors with a capacity of 7.5 to 22 kW can be critically review to see what is actually necessary. This, in combination with a controlled and leakage free pressurized air system can make a big difference on the bottom line.

How does your system look? Does the air quality fulfill the requirements that you have set? How high are the costs that we can save you?

Contact us today for a checkup. We can be reached through our phone number: +31(0)77 767676, Fax: +31(0)77 7676286 or through email: info@ants-tech.nl


Above offer is valid until October 14st, 2015.



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