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Leak detections - AQMS

Management of compressed air leaksLekdetectie

Ants is leading the way with AQMS® to quickly resolve compressed air leaks and make it controllable. This unique method proves itself time and again. The sooner the compressed air leaks are resolved the bigger the impact.

AQMS®provides a clear overview, through a secured web-based environment, so the client is able to directly view the current status. AQMS® gives control over costs and savings and makes compressed air losses ‘visible’. This leaves you in charge and gives the opportunity to take appropriate measures.

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Leaks in compressed air installations (but also other systems including vacuum, nitrogen, argon and other gas installations) are detected and documented in the advanced Air Quality Management System (AQMS®) - ISO 11011 (2013).

The average return on investment on leak detection including repairs on the compressed air installation lie between 1 to 4 months in most cases. After this period the savings continue however as you have cut down on unnecessary energy loss which leads to a significantly lower electricity bill.

Less energy consumption also means less CO² emissions. So it is not only you that benefits, it is also the environment.


Leak detection

The integral approach of Ants does not only address the necessary repairs but also provides clear insights and control over the status and progress to both Ants and its clients through the advanced web based AQMS® method.

As long as you have internet access you are able to check the current status.

Unique in the market:  Ants warranty on compressed air savings

If research costs exceed the expected compressed air savings, Ants only charges the travel and, if applicable, the accommodation expenses. This ‘Ants warranty’ is unique in the compressed air business.

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