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Dewpoint sensors

You will probably recognize the phenomenon when the screens of your car are covered with dew on a beautiful autumn day. Water droplets which are caused by warm air condensed against the cold screens.S305 Suto

Cold air contains less water damp resulting in condensation. The relative humidity in air is everywhere, also in your machines and compressed air systems. Compressed air is 100% saturated and every drop in temperature will cause condensate.

The measurment of pressure dew point in compressed air systems or gas distribution networks has become more important recently. Manufacturers worldwide are getting aware of negative effects of having too much moisture in the air/gas pipes, as it can cause:

  • Corrosion in the pipes
  • Reduces lifespan of pneumatic parts
  • Failures in actuators
  • Contamination of compressed air system in general
  • Unscheduled production stops
  • Incalculable additional production costs

Dew point measurement is not only restricted to applications in air/gas drying. There are many more processes in industry where a well monitored dew point is crucial for the overall process and the quality of the products.
Applications of dew point monitoring:

  • Plastic injection and blow moulding
  • High voltage switch gears and transformers
  • Spray painting process
  • Bottle filling
  • Medical gases
  • Pipeline drying

info dauwpuntDryers used to remove moisture from gas, are not always performing as they intend to do, mostly caused by poor maintenance. Dew point measurement acts as a kind of insurance system, monitoring the dryer performance and indicating alarms whenever the values are of out valid ranges.


As a result it provides:

  • Fast responses to failures in compressed air drying through permanent monitoring of pressure dew point
  • Increase the life span of compressed air system and its components
  • Makes maintenance of the compressed air system more efficient
  • Ensures stable quality of products through less problems in operation of the system

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