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Thermal Mass Flow Meter for gassescs452

Air is unconditional. It is everywhere, easy in its use, odourless and harmless. Consequently we often do not realise that it is one of the most expensive forms of energy in the industry. Its yield is almost never measured.

This, which most likely also affects your compressed air system, causes an unnecessary loss of compressed air every year, amounting to thousands of euros. By measuring the flow of air with the flowmeter / consumptionmeter, a calculation can be made on how much air is actually produced, which can then be managed and controlled. A leakage inspection measures the return of investment.cs450

The operating costs of every machine regarding usage of compressed air can easily be calculated with our gas flowmeter. By using the proper parameters for each machine, compressed air can be used effectively and efficiently. Using the right air mass sensor and this method gives you the following advantages:

  • Each piece of machinery is used to its full potential
  • Energy costs decrease dramatically
  • Your gross profit increases
  • Less pressure on the environment

An optimal set-up and monitoring system with the right air mass flow sensor is a good investment. More than 90% of our customers earn their investments back within 3 months. 

Inline flow meter supplier for natural gas, argon, oxygen, hydrogen, CO2, methane (ATEX approval).

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